Gear and Apparel Made Easy

1. Design

We'll start by discussing your brand identity and target audience. You'll provide the logos you have in mind, and we'll analyze them together. We'll consider the logos' design elements like colors, fonts, and imagery to understand the message they convey. Depending on the logo format, we might need to convert it to a vector file for easier manipulation in design software. This comes at an additional cost due to the time it will to take to correct artwork if necessary. 

We'll explore how the logo will translate onto different types of garments (t-shirts, hats, etc.) and ensure it remains legible and impactful at various sizes. We might suggest modifications to the logo for better suitability on apparel, keeping the core design concept intact. By incorporating your provided logos, this design process allows for a collaborative approach that leverages existing brand identity elements while ensuring a successful translation onto your apparel.

2. Store Setup

Setting up your store will be a hassle-free process with us. A one time setup fee $299 and a recurring monthly charge of $49.99 are required. This charge will cover storefront hosting and 4 seasonal updates. The seasonal updates involve us rotating the availability of blank garments for the appropriate seasons such has tank tops for the summer or hoodies for the winter. 

3. Production

See your designs come to life on a variety of garments like t-shirts, hoodies, team uniforms and much more. We specialize in producing apparel through various methods such as embroidery, silk screening, DTF and sublimation. We also offer services for promotional merchandise, branded clothing, limited edition collections and artist collaborations. Here at Bee Pro Merch we use top-of-the-line inks and equipment to deliver vibrant, long-lasting prints. We're passionate about helping you create unique and eye-catching apparel with our production services!

4. Shipping

Fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping is crucial for your apparel business. We offer a variety of shipping options to ensure your clothing gets delivered to your customers promptly and securely. Your garments will be carefully checked and folded (depending on the item) to prevent wrinkles and damage during transit. We use sturdy cardboard boxes or poly mailers, choosing the most suitable option based on the size and quantity of the order. By prioritizing careful packaging, reliable shipping options, and clear communication, we take the stress out of apparel shipping, allowing you to have peace of mind.

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